Tips for a great Contact Us page

Tips for a great Contact Us page

One of the most important building blocks for a website is the Contact Us page. A great Contact Us page is essential if you are looking for potential clients and customers to easily make contact with your business. It is also the first port of call for anyone who has gone to your website looking solely for a means of contact.

Contact Us page fundamentals

  • Keep it simple

    Your contact information should be easily and readily available to all of your website’s visitors. Therefore the link to the Contact Us page should be obvious and once the visitor is there the page should be short, sweet, and to the point.

  • Give people what they want

    Some people like using contact forms, some like emailing instead. Others prefer speaking to somebody on the phone. The more methods of contact you can include on your page the better. If you have social media channels make sure to include these too.

  • Simplify your contact form

    Having ten fields on your contact form will put people off from using it. Limiting the fields to only the bare essentials (name, email address and message) is a much more attractive option. Having email address and phone number fields as ‘required’ fields is also likely to deter some people from using your form.

  • Guide the user through the process

    To provide a good user experience there should be supporting content on your Contact Us page to clearly explain how to use the page. For example if you have a preferred method of contact you should clearly explain this. If you are getting lots of enquiries about a particular topic, adding a simple FAQs section to your Contact Us page might be the best option.

  • Good design

    A great Contact Us page is clean, well-designed and functional. Ensuring that your page (and more generally your website) has a good design with encourage usage and make it easy for potential customers to contact you.

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