4 SEO quick wins for your business website

4 SEO quick wins for your business website

There has never before been so much emphasis on unique, high-quality content creation to improve your website’s search engine ranking. Google are constantly updating and improving their algorithms to help ensure that the performance of genuine high-quality websites are prioritised. Whilst any which try to implement black-hat or grey-hat (i.e. ‘old hat’) search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques are duly punished.

Here are some simple but very important steps which you can take to help boost your website’s SEO performance:

1. Create SEO focused content

As mentioned above the emphasis on unique, high-quality content creation for your website is increasing all the time. More and more SEO experts are citing this as the number one priority for businesses when planning their SEO strategies.

Using well-crafted, professionally written content means visitors to your website are more likely to understand and trust your brand. It portrays a level of professionalism. Relating to the message you are trying to put across would naturally increase the likelihood of the reader buying your product or service.

Good content for your site is easier to read and is therefore more engaging for your website visitors. It would also lower bounce rates as readers would stay on your site for longer, which would ultimately improve your search engine ranking.

2. Target the right keywords

Keyword research is very important if you want to create a very successful targeted web page. If your goal is to drive high numbers of traffic to your blog article or service page then keyword research is vital. If done properly it will provide you with the key words and phrases that your target audience is searching for.

Tailoring your page’s content around these words and phrases is ultimately what will connect you with your target audience. Below are a few popular keyword search tools which will go a long way in helping you create your own unique keyword lists.

Google Suggest Example

Google Suggest can be a powerful keyword-research tool

3. Keep content on-topic

Leading on from the previous point, straying off-topic on your web page is easily done and can sometimes provide some light anecdotal relief. However if the scope of your content becomes too wide or diverse the potential power of your web page could decrease. By keeping the focus of your content on your key word or phrase you are giving your content a backbone. This will rank highly with both your readers and search engines alike.

Using variations of your key word or phrase is also important, however search engines no longer only look for keywords. They try to follow a pattern of normal human language, looking for a network of related words within the page content. This framework of SEO-driven content based around your core keywords is what will differentiate you from your competitors.

4. Social Media engagement

There is nothing new in saying that your engagement in social media can be a massive driver of traffic to your website and interactivity with your brand. However the manner in which social media campaigns are executed greatly influences its level of success. This is becoming an increasingly important part of SEO strategy.

Although officially Google does not use social media signals as ranking factors many marketers believe that this could change in the near future. In addition they believe that the number of shares or followers could directly affect your website’s ranking. However until this happens social media is more about building up your brand and driving qualified traffic to your site.

An active social presence combined with effective network building will help grow your brand and develop trust amongst your target audience. It also has the potential to drive high volumes of traffic to your website through the content you share. This in turn tells Google that your site is credible and should be ranked accordingly.

These quick wins focus on creating and sharing your high-quality website content online. Ultimately this will help you sell your brand to your target audience and increase your overall sales. Google can be a daunting beast when it comes to the world of SEO however following these simple steps will go a long way to boost the performance of you website.

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